This is our very first post. With this blog we intend to keep you updated about our clients. What do they do? What do we do for them? For each client we want to describe the nature of their business and the projects we execute for them.

There is so much we want to tell you. Every day we learn more. And we teach more. This blog will be our voice for that. That way we hope to inspire others and to encourage clients to tell their complete story.

We are choosy about our clients. And they are about us. We choose to partner with clients that understand the importance of being committed.

Our clients range from start-ups to established businesses. Both in The Netherlands and abroad. The common denominator? Our clients are willing to take chances. We’re unified in our mission of helping people along their journey: with transparency, honesty, dedication and trust. We believe that when people of common passion are brought together, anything is possible. Both online and offline.

Below is an alphabetical overview of our clients, past and present:

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